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False reviews: who's to blame?

For Remco Klöters wrote an article about online false reviews. Below you find a short introduction and a link to the full article (in Dutch).


''False, misleading and inauthentic'' Amazon said about the reviews posted by more than a thousand payed reviewers on its website. After addressing websites in April 2015 for offering fake reviews, Amazon is now focussing on the reviewers themselves. They were sued before a court in Seattle last month.


Who is not confronted with friendly and urgent requests to like the Facebook-page of the local bakery, appreciate a call centre after violently ending the call and to give five stars to your grumpy taxi driver. Nowadays, the importance of likes, reviews and ratings is undisputed.


Unfortunately, with the increasing importance the reliability of reviews also diminishes and more and more publications about unreliable, false reviews appear.

Read the full article here (in Dutch).