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IP, media and privacy law are constantly moving. Its boundaries are challenged daily. What's allowed and what's not. Herein lies the core of our work. Work that keeps challenging and inspiring us.

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Legal masterclass for social influencers


On Tuesday 22 November Remco Klöters gives a masterclass for Social Influencers and the law. In this masterclass he will discuss all relevant and applicable laws and regulations for social media influencers. Also Bloggers, vloggers ans social media influencers have to deal with the law. What do they need to know when creating and posting a vlog? What are the rules for advertisement and/or posting about receiving gifts or awards from brands? And what if you use pieces of text, images or music from other authors? Remco Klöters will discuss al the legal do's and dont's around this topic.

The masterclass is provided by Influo: a social network where Benelux influencers can connect with brands & agencies. Bloggers, vloggers and social broadcasters etc. nfluo supports content creators in initiating collaborations with brands and marketeers from the industry.


For more information about the masterclass see the eventpage on Facebook.