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Right to use your own name

For Remco Klöters wrote an article about the right to use your own name. Find a short introduction and a link to the full article (in Dutch) below.


Let’s assume: you are a proud Italian woman named Gabriella Capra. Nothing wrong with that, you would think.


But then the translators of Peppa Pig, a British animation series full of happy farm animals, decided to give the goat in that series your name. Capra translates to goat in Italian and Gabriella Goat became Gabriella Capra. Hard times are ahead for the Italian…

Ever since the episode where the goat made an appearance Gabriella Capra’s life has been turned upside down. She says that from that moment on she is mocked by friends and colleagues. For the damages she claims to have suffered, she now holds the animation studio of Astley Baker Davies liable.


This raises interesting questions. Can you just use someone’s name? Or is it unlawful? And is there a way to protect yourself?

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