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Breach of contract leads to trademark infringement


Recently De Korte Weg, better known under the name De Vegetarische Slager (DVS), successfully acted against an infringement of its trademark and trade name rights. De Vegetarische Slager Amsterdam sold  third party meat substitutes aside from the DVS products in its Amsterdam store. The cooperation agreement between parties did not allow for the sale of products not originating from DVS.

Therefore, the judge in this summary proceedings deemed the termination of contract valid. De Vegetarische Slager Amsterdam is no longer allowed to use the trademark and trade name rights of DVS. Also, it must transfer its domain name.


De Korte Weg (DVS) was represented by Bertil van Kaam and Nils Winthagen.


The judgement of 16 Februari 2015 is available at (in Dutch).